Dear Friends and Family,
As you know all of our stores have fought the fight of Paying it Forward to humanity for the past seven years. We’ve been able to give away over 150,000 free meals to our community since the day we opened until now. Feeding not only the homeless, but refugees, students down on their luck, the elderly, and households who fell on tough times.

But now, we need your help. We need to feed the front line workers in our neighborhood hospitals along with our continued efforts to feed the less fortunate on an everyday basis. Help us stay open and continue the work we do in our community. Every penny counts. Let’s Pay it Forward and Donate today.
– Erik Nance, Owner

Our Community Care.

We are community driven! 

Pay It Forward with
Our One Million Mouths Mission

We want to feed one million people in need… for free. ​

We want to feed, nourish and empower them. We want to fuel dreams, aid hopes and cheerlead progress. One mouth. One community at a time. Help us continue our pursuit to provide food, love and commitment to those in need. . ​​

Feed. Nourish. Empower.

As a Christian, I decided to take the ‘Great Commission’ seriously; going into all the world and spreading the gospel of Christ.  I’ve always inquired to God about MORE.  What else can I do to spread the love God has showed me in ways obvious and some more elusive?  Well, at the same time I had an equally intriguing dilemma: feeding the family!  My wife is a vegetarian, my oldest daughter is a meataterian (if that exists) and my other 3 kids kind of get stuck in the middle.  I, myself, like meat, but love vegetarian options such as tofu and fresh veggies.  So if you can imagine, feeding my family wasn’t easy at all.  Most places only served one or the other, and the options were very limited and most times lacked flavor.  Then my wife went on a reading spree.  She studied what went into our bodies and threw away everything I liked.  I said, “Oh boy, I better fix this, before I starve!” LoL And thus the LiteHouse Whole Food Grill was created; Always friendly, always Whole, always Organic, & Always Really Really Good.

 The LiteHouse Whole Food Grill; the Light of Christ and Lite Foods all under one roof.

Come in, you’ll be happy in here,

Mr. Litehouse Grill


Our delicious food.

Healthy, wholesome, really good food.


For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come next door and try our delicious plates.  We love food, lots of different food, just like you.

All of our veggies are cut fresh daily by real chefs.
Eat fit. Live whole. Love More.

Make it a Your-Style with our Signature Bowls

Our Tacos simply good.


HEALTH + SAFETY We understand this is a trying time for us all.  We are still open for take-out orders and online delivery only.  In order to keep everyone safe, we are following…


Join us this Sunday, October 15th starting at 6am for a line up of events happening at our NEW location 1660 E 55th Street, Hyde Park! BREAKFAST: 6AM-10:30AM Free Mimosa’s LUNCH: 11AM-5PM…

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Sun 12p-9p
Mon-Thurs 11a-9p
Fri 11a-7p
Sat 6p-11p
(773) 633-2587
Rule of thumb: As the seasons change, our hours change. We are closed in honor of the Sabbath Day every week, closing each Friday around Sundown and re-opening Saturday evenings around Sundown.
Eat Better. Shine Brighter. Love Harder.