Why the Strange hours you ask??

Why the Strange hours you ask??

Hello, I’m Mr. Litehouse and we have weird hours!     Here’s why…

As a Christian and one that is health and community conscious, we decided that as a restaurant chain, we need to do something different, something daring, something challenging to our eaters; CLOSE ON THE LORD’S SABBATH DAY.


Scientifically, from Sundown Friday Evening to Sundown Saturday is the best time for the body to completely rest and recharge, and consequently God felt the same way when He created the world we live in.  He also made it a point to put a day of rest as the 4thcommandment in the famous 10 Commandments that include don’t lie, steal nor murder other individuals.  Dozens of times in the new and old testaments we see God’s best followers observing The Lord’s Sabbath and Holy Day’s such as The Day of Atonement and Passover all in remembrance and honor to Christ.  Each of those days we will shut our doors for the benefit of our employees, our community and ourselves.




We decided to take that time to Lite up our community!  When our doors are closed different not for profits or organizations that benefit our community can use our space, FOR FREE!  We encourage bible studies, poetry or talent show nights, photography training, dancing etc…ALL FREE TO OUR COMMUNITY.  God’s Sabbath was always about coming together as a family.  As a community we’re a family and somehow that concept has gotten lost over the years, however, Litehouse Whole Food Grill is determined to bring it back!


So, each Friday Night when the sun goes down, we will no longer serve food to the public.  Saturday when the sun goes down, we will open back up and our doors will open up all the way until 3am.  Hope you understand and respect our goal to Lite the Communities we reside in.


This message has been approved by Mr. Litehouse   have a Lite filled day!

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